House Hunting

House hunters considering moving to London in the near future have a lot to bear in mind before they actually pack up their belongings and head off to the big smoke.

One of the biggest concerns for chudi ejekam in looking for properties in the capital is affordability. For a lucky few, money is no object, but for the majority, finding a cheap place to live that is in a relatively decent area is very important.

A good place to begin your research into where to live could be the Greater London Authority’s rental map, which sets out the average rents for the different properties in the city.

Choosing the right price

Once you think you’ve identified your price bracket and the part of London in which you can afford to live, there are other burning questions you need to ask yourself and your landlord.

You need to find out if the house comes furnished or unfurnished and, if it does come with furniture, whether the landlord will provide an inventory list of all items in the house.

Make a List

Even if he or she does intend to provide you with a rundown of items, you should also make one for yourself as soon as you move in, so that the two lists can be compared if any problems or discrepancies crop up when the time comes for you to move out.

You should also think about how long the rental period is, as you will need to know just how long you can stay in your house or flat for and if the contract can be renewed after the initial tenancy agreement has ended.

Another point you should bear in mind before signing any contracts or handing over a deposit is the local amenities that you will have on your doorstep once you move to the area in question. Take a look to see what pubs, shops and restaurants there are, as well as transport.